Alexakis Winery Wines

The Alexakis family is one of the most important ambassadors of wines from Crete. It is the largest privately owned winery in Crete and during its long path has collaborated with all the winegrowers on the island. The result is high quality wines that truly represent the terroir of Crete.

The winery is a family affair. Stellios Alexakis, chemical engineer turned winemaker, is still in charge of the winery with his wife Sofia who is responsible for quality control. Children Apostolos and Lazaros, who literally grew up in the winery, join their father as winemakers and are now responsible for the planning and production, successfully transferring the valuable knowledge and insight of their parents.

The Alexakis wines draw on a deep understanding of the vineyards of Crete (varieties, soil, local weather conditions and viticulture); long years of collaboration have allowed the company to choose the most suitable vineyards and the best growers, to produce the highest quality wines on Crete.



Alexakis Vidiano

Alexakis Syrah/Kotsfali



Contact information

P.O. Box 1059
Heraklion 71110
Crete Greece