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Stray Dog Wild Gin

Stray Dog Wild Gin is a premium gin distilled in Northern Greece with an array of Greek wild foraged botanicals, including sage, rosemary, bay leaf, and fennel seed, as well as mastiha, cardamom, and fresh lemon and orange peel.  The original wild gin, Stray Dog offers a savory and full bodied taste that embodies the essence of Greek flavor.  In addition to the Greek botanicals used in Stray Dog, our gin is made with spring water from the Aridea mountains of Northern Greece to add a crisp and smooth finish.  We handcraft our gin in small batches and distill it in traditional copper pot stills.

Volkan Beer

100% Greek beer brewed from key artisanal ingredients fromthe islands of Santorini and Naxos. Volkan brings together, lava rock filtered mineral water and the best of local ingredients; rare Santorini grape honey and ancient citrus medica essence from Naxos to create these delicious brews.

Volkan Blonde
Volkan Black
Volkan White Wheat

Verino Distillery

Verino Distillery was founded in Argos in 1978 by Babis Spiliopoulos and is currently run by him and his son, Thanos Spiliopoulos. It produces high-quality tsipouro, varietal tsipouro, barrel-aged tsipouro, as well as an interesting range of liqueurs. The exceptional tsipouro quality is primarily due to the fine raw materials (grapes from top local wine producers – mainly Domaine Skouras), as well as to the art of traditional distillation, using two 1,300 litre copper pot stills. Product sheets for their products below can be found under Trade.

Three Cents

The first “handmade” Greek collection of carbonated drinks was inspired by bartenders for bartenders for a simple purpose, to work as a base for cocktail recipes as life is too short for a bad gin tonic. To be used as the ultimate mixer for cocktails and long drinks maintaining their fizziness down to the last drop. How? By carbonating their formula above 5 atm and keeping it natural. Soon they were consumed by many as soft drinks and are now being the protagonist at numerous hip bars both in Greece and abroad. Product sheets for their products below can be found under Trade.

Oenos Rising

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